Green Goddess Show

I have often wondered why there are no shows geared toward Vegetarians and Vegans.    A Harris Poll found that 4-10% of the American population calls itself “vegetarian”, and the number has most likely increased greatly since that poll was conducted a few years back (I can’t find any more recent polls with better info).     With numbers up to 10% though there’s no reason there aren’t shows geared to this slice of the population.     There is a whole network dedicated to the gay community and the percentage of gays in the American population is estimated to be the same as the number of Vegetarians.     My point is there could be a whole network geared towards Vegetarians, but at the very least there needs to be a show.      I hope to convince network executives of this.    I know there are advertisers out there.     When I did the reality show “Dinner Takes All” I talked to one of the major vegetarian food companies and they seemed very interested in the publicity.    Right now these companies have one place to advertise – VEGETARIAN MAGAZINES.   Giving them a show gives them a whole new arena to get their product out there.


It’s a show I created and host. Now it’s also a brand name. Through Green Goddess I want to bring great vegetarian and vegan food to the masses. There is so much yummy food out there, everyone needs to know about it!

What’s the concept?

The number of vegetarians are growing by leaps and bounds, at the same time so are the number of vegetarian products. So where are the shows for this growing percentage of the eating public? “Green Goddess” gives viewers a chance to see what kind of restaurants (and any place that serves food) are now catering to those who don’t eat meat at all or who just don’t want it that day. As the host, I show you easy, quick vegetarian recipes I make at home using vegetables, pasta, meat substitutes and much more. This show has a fun, laid back flavor. It attracts vegetarians and anyone else who is looking for good, healthy food. That’s almost everyone these days. It also shows you meat isn’t necessary for a good, tasty, complete meal. We’ll also show you why not eating meat is great for your health. Who doesn’t want to hear that?

Why did I create it?

I have been a vegetarian for years and couldn’t imagine life any other way.  As a vegetarian Chef I want to share my recipes and enthusiasm with others to help them enhance their meat-free meals.

Where does it air?

One of the seven episodes aired on NYC-TV.  I’ll let you know where the others will be soon.

What is the goal of the show?

I just want people to see that being a vegetarian or vegan is exciting, healthy and will make people feel great about themselves, body and soul!